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Discover the stages of your stay in Tunisia and the essential places to visit

What are the steps to prepare your stay?

  • Sending the medical folder
  • Response from the medical team
  • Preparation of your intervention and organization of your trip
Our support team will ask you to provide your medical file with photos and the type of procedure for a thorough review of your case. By email to the following address:
Séjour santé is committed to providing you with a detailed price estimate for your surgery with the schedule of your medical visits, your various examinations and all necessary information within 24 hours.
You are then called upon to choose suitable dates for your intervention in order to organize all the details related to the stay.
We offer a total care for our patients which allows them to benefit from a complete accompaniment from A to Z at an all inclusive price.
  • Arrival at the airport
  • Your intervention
  • From the days following the operation to the day you leave
You will be greeted by one of our medical assistants, who will accompany you before, during and after your surgery. She will guide you and accompany you for medical care, accommodation and all travel during your stay.
You will be taken care of by the medical staff and prepared for the procedure. Of course, your assistant is always at your service, listening to you and always available to contact you during your hospital stay. She will visit you after the surgery.
A post-operative consultation will be organized with the surgeon to provide your medical file and to discuss the medical instructions to be followed during the convalescence
Le jour de votre départ, un chauffeur de l’équipe , accompagnée de votre assistante se chargera de vous emmener à l’aéroport

  • Post-operative follow-up at a distance
Sejour Sante stay in touch!
Indeed, a counselor will answer your questions remotely and will follow up on your recovery.

Discover, from now on, all our offers of stays in Tunisia

The 5 steps of your medical project


Now you have decided to make your medical stay successful and contact our medical tourism agency by WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, email, chat or by phone.

From the start, you will be assigned a dedicated consultant.
She discusses your expectations and draws up your medical file on the basis of a questionnaire (pathologies, previous operations, allergies, etc.)

Photos of the areas to be treated are necessary to study the feasibility of the desired intervention.

2-Proposal and treatment plan

Response within 24H

The surgeon approves or refuses the operation on the basis of the medical file transmitted.
A viso or audio appointment can be made with the surgeon if needed.

Once the diagnosis has been made, your consultant will draw up your estimate and your treatment plan (which details the content of the offer, its duration and its price).

Everything is transparent, no hidden costs!

This will be sent to you by email or WhatsApp.

3-Organization of the stay

Once the estimate is validated, we proceed with the organization of your stay:

  • Reservation of the operation date with the surgeon and the clinic
  • Help with the booking of the return flight
  • Aide à la réservation du vol de retour
  • Management of accompanying persons
  • Management of examinations (to be done at home or on arrival at the clinic)
  • Hotel reservation
  • Organization of excursions if requested

Your detailed day-by-day itinerary is sent to you a few days before your departure and your consultant will call you the day before to make sure that everything is clear to you

4-Operation in Tunisia

You have arrived in Tunisia:

Your advisor SALMA will be waiting for you at the airport, as her function indicates, she will accompany you throughout your stay with us.

Do not use your phone plan because internet roaming is very expensive in Tunisia.

You will be given a SIM card to contact you and you will be able to connect to the Internet by mobile data and WiFi at the hotel and at the clinic.

You spend the night at the clinic or at the hotel.
The operation takes place the next day after the preoperative appointment with the surgeon and the anesthetist.

You will stay at the clinic for a minimum of 2 nights post-surgery under medical supervision and then be transferred to a hotel to rest or finish your stay at the clinic.

All nursing care is provided on site.

A postoperative appointment with your surgeon takes place before your departure.

5- Follow-up

SEJOURS SANTE ensures a quality follow-up over 12 months.
Your consultant remains your main contact to check on you, to make sure that the healing phase is as expected, to measure our level of satisfaction and to answer all your questions.

This city has so much to offer that it will be difficult to choose which places to see.

You dream of sun, relaxation and rest?
We have the solution!
Séjour santé has concocted for you some of the most important destinations in Tunisia which is especially known for its natural wealth and historical heritage. What are you waiting for to discover the small paved streets or a stroll in the souk. This country conceals many other treasures: pleasant seaside resorts, beautiful white sand beaches surrounded by palm trees... It's up to you to discover these superb places. During your stay!

Sidi Bou Said Picturesque and historical!

The charming village of Sidi Bou Said is known for its bright white houses and blue doors. Must-see places to visit, cafes and restaurants

La Medina

The medina of Tunis is full of history and remarkable cultural sites
Explore the stores, mosques and monuments of the historic medina. Make good deals in the souks and the central market of Tunis, Medina, The roofs of the Medina, Café Emba, The Terrace of Essaraya, Souk


Visit the most beautiful places!
Clinging to a hill overlooking the Gulf of Tunis, Gammarth mainly evokes the hotel zone located near La Marsa and Carthage.

The beautiful capital of the Sahel region: Sousse!

Medina of Sousse ,The Kasbah ,Ribat ,Acqua park ,Archaeological museum


Nous avons sélectionné pour votre séjour de convalescence les meilleurs hôtels de Tunis à quelques
minutes de l’aéroport et de la clinique.
Ces hôtels vous offrent la qualité de service nécessaire à votre détente et à votre bien-être.